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The pediatric practice for complementary medicine

for children, youth and parents

An individual integrative therapeutic approach to holistic health!

You are looking for specialist support how to help your child - in a gentle, natural way, with little or no side effects - when struggling with health or developmental issues? How to strengthen the self-healing process? How to assist your child to blossom as the wonderful being he/she already is?

Whether in addition to an established or as an alternative to a planned orthodox therapy, I will develop a treatment plan with you, attentively including family and personal history, life circumstances, pre-existing diagnoses and lab results, as well as a care- and playful examination. Apart from alleviating symptoms and/or initiating a healing process, the goal is to enable you to better handle yourself health and developmental challenges.

What are we paying attention to? The Basics:

We will look at the course of a regular day, whether in terms of lifestyle hygiene, it allows for enough age-specific freedom, it provides a healthy amount of time for motion, sports, activity in general, alternating with sufficient rest and sleep.

We will reflect how regular, sociable meals can be combined with a versatile, high-quality nutrition, suitable for the childs type and development.

We will include in our considerations the surroundings at home, nursery, (pre)school, college or at the workplace, the setting in clubs, the circle of friends. We will contemplate whether physical, mental or emotional challenges can be considered healthy, or for better handling, a strengthening, a change of view, or a different approach are necessary.

Additional methods, proceedings, therapies:

Depending on individual need and preferences I support my patients on the path to holistic health with the following:

Phytotherapy, homeopathy, Bachflowers

Acupuncture, laserpuncture, teaching of acupressure

Yoga and qi gong exercises, mudras

Special breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness exercises, progressive muscelrelaxation

Working on the inner attitude, questioning thoughts or convictions

For whom, what for, when?

A holistic proceeding according to complementary medicine may be particularly useful

  • if there is no orthodox therapy or it is of little help (e.g. developmental delay, susceptibility to infections, sleep disorders)
  • if you have experienced or fear undesired side effects and momentarily reject academic medicine (e.g. ADD, ADHD)
  • if, in addition to therapy according to the guidelines, you wish to try another approach e.g. to reduce multiple medication (e.g. bronchial asthma)

For your visit:

Conversation, examination, all is centered around the patient, no matter how small! So, please, to better focus, especially for a first visit, bring only the patient as well as all existing and relevant medical documents. I am looking forward to seeing you!

The pediatric practice for complementary medicine
The pediatric practice for complementary medicine